...we had to go backwards in order to go forward..
— Thomas H, former Ke Kama Pono resident

Ke Kama Pono Safehouse

An adjudicated youth program serving up to twelve court-appointed boys at a time (ages 13-17), in a temporary living environment for six to nine months. The goal of this program is to support the development and integration of critical life skills necessary for the youth’s long-term success, partnering with families to ensure successful re-entry. The low recidivism rate and high employment or back-to-school rates are attributed to the program’s multi-faceted approach, including: an effective youth mentoring component, hands-on standards-based education by DOE teachers, a family reunification component, implementation of deep-rooted cultural values, and a safe, nurturing home-like environment.

It WORKS, if you work it TOGETHER.
— Ilima A.